BPV Symptom?

auditude at cox.net auditude at cox.net
Mon Apr 7 15:58:32 EDT 2003

Hmmm.  I didn't mention in my last post that my 200q20v was A QUART(!) high or so on the oil level when I got it.  I took care of that with an oil change tho'.

Since I already have the turbo almost off, and I could feel some play, I'll continue to swap it.

I'm curious now tho' that the smokiness isn't just the breather system coughing up all that oil from the overfilling.

I don't know if I'm happy that it is something so simple, or upset because I took it apart this far.


Brett Dikeman  brett at cloud9.net

<<Crankcase breather.  On rare occasion, the turbo seals...but it's
pretty hard to tell since the crank breather exhausts right smack
into the turbo outlet.

There are a couple of solutions:
-vent the breather to atmosphere(big no-no emissions-wise, there's a
reason the crank is vented back into the intake- to reburn all the
-install Total Seal rings to drastically reduce blow-by
-install oil separator(there is in fact one VW used on diesels or
something- I'll have to look back in my email to get the details from
a fellow lister, might be NLA)

Things that will aggravate the problem:

-overfilling the engine with oil- don't fill up to the max mark, it's
"max" for a reason, not "fill to here"  :)
-overdue air filter
-excessive blow-by

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