WGFV and air leak problems.

Shayne thequattroking at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 7 20:29:38 EDT 2003

I went to visit my folks in WA state last W/E.  Took their 20v out to the
drag races.  1.7-1.8 indicated on the dash display.  It is stock side an IA
III+ chip and Forge TBV.  On the way there, it seemed to be acting strange.
Pulled like mad in first.  Regardless how I shifted the car, the boost
TANKED in all other gears.  I could not keep it up.  On throttle it would
barely come one if not at all in 2nd and 3rd.  4th, it would start to come
on.  5th, it would come on.  But after a long while.

I found a bunch of leaking air lines on the back of the motor.  Replaced
them.  Spent 2 more hours trying to find another leaking line.  The motor
would not hold a vacuum.  I can hear another leak at the back of the head
but can't find it.  I was applying vac to the TVB vac line.  I individually
tested the small three vac lines on the back of the head.  Those are the TBV
line, and if memory serves me right, two heater vac lines.  I also tested
the ISV hoses, the associated intake hoses and anything else I could see.  I
am stumped.  Where else can it be leaking??  I can hear it (back lower part
of the head), but can't find it.  Even when testing each line individually.

So, between these symptoms and the known air leak, does my diagnosis sound
right??  Needs new WGFV??  It is original at 170K miles.  Oh, the Michelin
man hose is new.


Shayne P.

Oakland, CA.

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