WGFV and air leak problems.

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Tue Apr 8 00:31:59 EDT 2003

At 7:29 PM -0700 4/7/03, Shayne wrote:

>I found a bunch of leaking air lines on the back of the motor.  Replaced
>them.  Spent 2 more hours trying to find another leaking line.  The motor
>would not hold a vacuum.  I can hear another leak at the back of the head
>but can't find it.  I was applying vac to the TVB vac line.  I individually
>tested the small three vac lines on the back of the head.  Those are the TBV
>line, and if memory serves me right, two heater vac lines.  I also tested
>the ISV hoses, the associated intake hoses and anything else I could see.  I
>am stumped.  Where else can it be leaking??  I can hear it (back lower part
>of the head), but can't find it.  Even when testing each line individually.

I developed a major leak on the intake pipe-> throttle body hose last
summer.  Tore right at the indented part for the lip on the throttle

I also developed a leak, loud enough to be heard with the engine
idling and hood up, where the hard green ECU line goes underneath the
fuel lines; the fuel lines chaffed a hole right through it.

Lastly, did you double check all the pipe clamps for the ISV etc?

By the way- pressure testing is a lot easier, because among other
things, you can feel the air leaks(and there's a clear change in the
noise when you get your fingers close.)  A 1-cup rubbermaid container
and a compressor fitting will do the job nicely- remove the intake
hose off the end of the MAF and insert the bottom of the container,
tighten the clamp, tada!  Just be careful not to overpressurize the
system- the ECU pressure sensor could be damaged.  Don't go above 1.8
bar indicated(sensor maxxes out at 2).  Recruit a friend to watch the
display if necessary.

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