Leaking hydraulic fluid

DAK dak at rochester.rr.com
Tue Apr 8 01:21:20 EDT 2003

I've heard that when air is being sucked into the system, the reservoir
can overflow like this. Maybe worth checking the suction hose (the big
hose from the center pump connection to the bottom side of the
reservoir). Is the hose clamp tight? Is the hose loose in the fitting at
the pump end? There could be other air leaks, but they are mostly under
pressure. BTW, I've had this hose rebuilt locally for less than $6. You
can also do it yourself with the proper replacement hose and a hose
clamp (to replace that fancy crimp at the pump end).


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> Help! My quattro is leaking hydraulic fluid what appears to be from the reservoir itself.  From the cap!!  When the car starts and the system pressurizes and I move the steering, it starts to bubble out of the cap like it's over pressurized.  I don't see fluid leaking anywhere else other than there but it's bad enough that it empties the reservoir in about 15 minutes under pressure.  Do I have a pressure valve that's not functioning anymore?  The car stood for about a year without anyone driving it.
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