Vacuum leaks

George Sidman sidman at
Tue Apr 8 05:58:09 EDT 2003

You may have a vacuum hose loose under the plenum cover, which is
common. You can get in there without pulling the widshield wipers.
Just pull the weatherstrip, and pop up the front edge of the cover.

About two years ago I had similar symptoms - could hear the leak, but
could not find it. I decided a good Saturday project was to replace
ALL the vacuum lines, except those going to the AC controller. It took
about two hours, the leak was on top of the heater box where a line
had parted, and there were also a lot of loose and tired vacuum lines
and connections elsewhere. (The vacuum line to the Wast Gate Frequency
Valve has been copper since 1996.) I also zip-tied all the lines. Got
the boost back, and have been free of vacuum leaks since.
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