machine flywheel?

Tue Apr 8 09:23:22 EDT 2003

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Good luck making book on an old 200tq, but Brandon is doing a transplant into
an urq anyhow.  In a 200tq flywheel, I'm with Bernie here, it's flat and
unless you can measure a step where the clutch mating surface is, don't mess
with it.  Clean it up and crosshatch it with scotchbrite/sandppr, install it.
 IF machining, best buy all the pins for the flywheel now, your machinist
will likely lose a few, btdt, and they MUST come out to machine correctly.

Yes, do the rear main seal, but make sure you clean the residue off the crank
before installing it, or it will leak worse than what was in there.  Be
careful installing the rear main, it's kinda tricky, you have to finess it.
The lip must be around the crank flange before you drive it in, if you just
drive it in you will lose the lip and pop the retaining spring BTST.  Also
make sure the seal goes in straight, or it will leak 2.  FYI, audi doesn't
sell the seal separately anymore, you buy the whole rear flange with seal
installed, obviously the dealers weren't doing this exercise well either.

Doing a 91 200tq clutch under 12hours is a good bogey time in my shop.  Lots
of old rusted bolts can add time up in a hurry, and procon 10 bracketry
requires patience, diligence and some fabbed tools (you can remove the shift
bracket in deference, but you find adjusting that can be a time drain).  For
the DYIer, I'd suggest a trip to the local midas with a new set of cat bolts,
for 20bux you can save a major headache.  Also a good time to replace clutch
slave (R&R slave with trans dropped, remove flex hose at the chassis, bring
down/up with trans).

Brandon, all pins for the flywheel will work with the urq trans/motor
pickups.  Don't forget a new right side motor mount.


Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning
Chicago IL
'83 urq
'84 RS2URQ project
'87 T44tqw
'86 T44tq

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Book time, R+R Transmission, replace clutch. 8.2 hours. Reface flywheel,
add.4 hours. The flywheel may look fine, you may end up with a
chutter/vibration if you elect not to reface the flywheel. At this point it's
only 0.4 hours and @ $45 to do the job right. You will be looking at the rear
crank seal at this point. Change it now or add some Bernie gobbly goop to
your Mobil 1 later.

      Bill Ferdon

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