diverter valve

Joshua C smuckycat at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 8 09:59:39 EDT 2003

The forge divertervalve is an aluminum 2pc cylinder which has a spring
loaded piston in it that controls air flow, the piston is sealed with an
o-ring.  Sometimes the action of the piston combined with the lubrication
and any crud that gets in there combines to make a dirty goo that would make
it work not so well...mine has looked ok when I have cleaned it out.  The
stock DV I belive is a diaphraghm design that is maintaince free..


I don't know how often a used one comes along, but what needs cleaning?
something build up inside?  Does that contribute to degradation of the OEM
valve, which can't be cleaned?  Listers??

BTW, my calipers _are_ red, but they came that way in the kit ;-)
- No thumpin' sub or chassis neon here either.  Hmmmm, I _was_ wondering how
vinyl roof would look on the "wagon".....Not!

Joshua Cummings

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