Inexpensive Pentosin substitute?

Tue Apr 8 15:25:18 EDT 2003

I've heard, strong legs, cut the PS belt.  Remember when the bomb expires, brakes get really tough to push.

I've heard, go to Sams club/walmart buy lots of bulk mineral oil from the health and beauty aids department.

*My* recommendation (for all lawyers present) is to replace the high pressure hose, it's most likely leaking.  Cut back the hose with the protective rubber sheathing, if it's wet underneath, then that's what's causing the problem.


Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning
In a message dated 4/8/2003 10:57:11 AM Eastern Standard Time, benswann at writes:

> Sean's car ('87 5ktqa) is down in FLA with bad leak in Power
> Steering/hydraulic system.  We are looking for a possible inexpensive
> substitute for Pentosin that will get the car back to MD where we can
> fix whatever is leaking.
> I recall seeing a post sometime back about one of common gas stations
> who sell high quality mineral oil by the gallon or so.  Can
> anyone
> advise - this car is using a pint every 100 miles or so?

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