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Henry A Harper III hah at
Tue Apr 8 17:12:46 EDT 2003

Is it still doing this hot-air through the air (dash?) vents thing, or was
that maybe because of getting the temperature sensor behind the front grill
wet in the carwash? There is another sensor in the plenum area, but it
could be already broken or disconnected. The Bentley manual has a detailed
"quick check" procedure for the climate control system that will diagnose
most non-intermittent problems (I remember something about nighttime
illumination in that procedure - are the dash lights turned up? CC
illumination is variable with dash light rheostat). in the repair index section has a
listing of the error codes for CC diagnostic mode as a shortcut. A friend
eventually replaced his heaterbox flap positioner motor to fix a persistent
though intermittent hot-air-to-the-face issue.

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> Hi, I'm still getting used to my new '91 200 tq, and yesterday something
wierd happend. After running it through the car wash, the air vents blew
hot air with the control set at it's lowest setting on econ, and  outside
temp moderate. Raising the temp control turned the fan down, the opposite
of what should have happened. The AC worked, but I could still feel warm
air. Later, after turning on the headlights, the display on the climate
control face went out; back on with headlights out. Any ideas as to what's
going on?
> thanks,
> Rees.
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