Inexpensive Pentosin substitute?

ben swann benswann at
Tue Apr 8 21:02:14 EDT 2003

That's the one I was looking for.  At the rate were losing it we might
use half of the five gallons by the time we get home, if we can't
find/repair the leak.  that is a likely outcome as getting replacement
parts and doing the repair may not be feasible while we are trying to
relax and enjoy sunny FLA.

Actually we already bought several 16 oz bottles of clear power
steering fluid, after going through 32 OZ of Trans-X power steering
sealer and a full can of Pentosin which we hoped would help. NOT!  I
don't think any of this stuff is staying in the system long enough to
help or do any damage.

Except for this leak problem, the car performed outstandinly on the
straight thru drive down where several T-storms and deluge squalls were
encountered, but with the AWD the night train just kept truckin!

TIA for this and all the other helpful replies.

Ben and Sean
'87 5000 turbo quattro avant "black beauty"
which found its way back to Sean.

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From: cobram at
Date: Tuesday, April 8, 2003 2:17 pm
Subject: Re: Inexpensive Pentosin substitute?

> Mobil DTE-13M, about $35 for a 5 gallon pail.  I've been using it
> in my
> fleet of type 44's with no more/less problems than with Pentosin.
> Thereis PLENTY in the archives on it.  Seems that even the
> "chicken littles"
> at the time have seen the light.   I don't think you'll find it at
> a gas
> station, but and Mobil or lubricant distributor should have it.
> Running it in 4 type 44's now, with two leaking.  Not that bad
> though, as
> I averaged 3 leaking systems when running Pentosin ;-).
> ben swann <benswann at> writes:
> > Sean's car ('87 5ktqa) is down in FLA with bad leak in Power
> > Steering/hydraulic system.  We are looking for a possible
> > inexpensive
> > substitute for Pentosin that will get the car back to MD where
> we
> > can
> > fix whatever is leaking.
> >
> > I recall seeing a post sometime back about one of common gas
> > stations
> > who sell high quality mineral oil by the gallon or so.  Can anyone
> > advise - this car is using a pint every 100 miles or so?
> >
> > We have not been able to locate the leak, but it seems to be
> > dripping/spurting somewhere in the middle on around the top of the
> > transmission where it then gets vaporized quickly by the exhaust
> > leaving not much trace - but a lot of smell.  Car has a rebuilt
> > Jorgen
> > rack, but don't know if that rules out the rack.
> >
> > Hope we can find some cheap source to get us through until the
> > problem
> > is fixed.
> >
> > TIA
> >
> > Ben & Sean Shoemaker
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