Boost, brake and AC problems

Jani Lundqvist jl_76 at
Wed Apr 9 13:46:27 EDT 2003

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Greetings from finland

Been having few probs with my 200q 20v -91.

1.The brake light (red and flashing) does not go out. It comes on approx.
10-15sec. after starting and does not go out. When I turn the car off, brake
pedal goes hard after few presses. Might this be the hydr.pump that's on it's
way to hydr.pumps heaven or a faulty servo? Any good ways to check? With a
faulty bomb the warning light should go out by letting the car idle, shound't

2. AC-compressor is leaking. Is there any way to fix this, other than
replacing the unit. Quick tour round AC-shops and cheapest bargain I could
find was $1020 excluding work, bit steep I should think. Is there some kind of
"leak-a-fix in bottle" on the market or is it possible to overhaul the
compressor, shops told me it's not.

3. Not hitting 1.8 max boost. At WOT car starts to accelerate, trips
momentarely at 1 bar, and continues to accelerate (and boost) up to 1,6-1,7
bars (fluctuates). Tried disconnecting the MFTS, but to no avail. By-pass
valve faulty? BTW, good place to order the Samco hose set TCS147. "Local"
dealer in Finland offers it for $375 and what I've been reading, it should go
around $150 or so.
Lotsa thank in advance

"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer." -
Albert Einstein

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