Cooling System

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Wed Apr 9 15:38:23 EDT 2003

>I'm certainly no expert on cooling, but I do know that that aux radiator is
>mounted in what is considered to be the best position for cooling. I
>remember seeing a picture of preferred mounting positions for oil coolers
>one time and down low, in the front was where they said it would get the
>best cool air.

Agreed, I'm sure lots of Audi engineers know better than I, but it is
interesting that it took them 10 years to move the aux rad there, on my UrQ
it sat right in front of the tbelt.

>My point is, that for the size, it probably does more good than you think.
> >You could try pinching off one of the coolant lines that connects it >to
>the main radiator if you want to experiment.

That's just what I am trying to see.  I don't think the Sport Qs had an aux
water rad and it pushed alot harder than most street 20V's, of course the
oil coolers got pretty big.

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