Cooling System

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Wed Apr 9 08:58:27 EDT 2003

In just replacing my radiator and thermostat, I did read Scott Mockreys
site on the cooling system. His feeling is the car runs more efficiently
with the 87C thermostat, as the new cars need a certain amount of heat
to run well.


Mike Del Tergo wrote:

> After a recent run around trying to find the cause of my "hi" operating
> temps, I was surprised to find it was a bad thermostat.  I've found these
> very rarely fail and thought for sure it was the rad thermo switch.  Any
> way, 2 changes of coolant, temp switch, and thermostat (80C)later, the
> car
> is running markedly cool, even given cooler than normal ambient for this
> time of year.
> My question is, has anyone run the 200 20V without the aux rad?  I run my
> UrQ this way with no problem.  Granted the 20V is a horse of a different
> color but I figured someone may have tried it.  If not, I may give it
> a shot
> myself this summer.
> Mike
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