Cooling System

Tom Mullane tmullane at
Wed Apr 9 22:42:18 EDT 2003

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The PO of my car replaced the radiator with one without the two outlets for=
 the aux radiator.  It is a plastic tank rad, so modification is out of the=
 question; my options are to replace it, or run it and keep an eye on temp.=
  To date, this has not been an issue, even during summer driving in traffi=
c or at highway speeds with four passengers and luggage.  I do not track th=
e car, but it is chipped, and, like most everyone on this list, I am prone =
to some occasional "spirited" driving.  When this rad expires, I will repla=
ce it with one that will allow use of the aux, but I am in no hurry.  I liv=
e in CT and run the 87 degree t-stat.

1991 200Q
1991 CQ
1999 A6Q

From: "Mike Del Tergo" <mdeltergo at>
To: 200q20v at
Subject: Cooling System
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2003 13:47:08 +0000

After a recent run around trying to find the cause of my "hi" operating
temps, I was surprised to find it was a bad thermostat.  I've found these
very rarely fail and thought for sure it was the rad thermo switch.  Any
way, 2 changes of coolant, temp switch, and thermostat (80C)later, the car
is running markedly cool, even given cooler than normal ambient for this
time of year.
My question is, has anyone run the 200 20V without the aux rad?  I run my
UrQ this way with no problem.  Granted the 20V is a horse of a different
color but I figured someone may have tried it.  If not, I may give it a shot
myself this summer.


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