Intro and a couple questions

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Wow!  You have to be a Fat Wallet kind of a guy, but 2B is well known for
their ability to handle that syndrome.


> From: Matt twentyV <matt_20v at>
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> Subject: Intro and a couple questions
> I've been lurking on this list for over a year but
> this is my first post, so an introduction is in order.
> I have recently put a 3B motor into the '91 coupe
> quattro I have owned since 1992.  Yes another
> "ersatz" S2.  The transplant was done by 2Bennett.
> The only deviations from stock are a chip and an
> RS2 intercooler (behind an RS2 bumper).  The car
> already had a Scorpion cat-back exhaust and the
> suspension uses H/R springs with Bilstein shocks.
> Eventually I will do some more work on the motor, but
> need to recover financially from this project first.
> And the chip is where my questions come in.  It is
> supposedly a Lehmann, with 2.5bar sensor.  Once in
> a while I will see 20psi guage, more often it peaks
> at 18 or so.  2B says that is about right for this
> chip, so OK.  But I am seeing horrible gas mileage
> in city driving- 15-16mpg.  Cruising on the highway
> it is 22-24, which is pretty much what I had seen
> with the old 7A engine.  Noticed that during
> acceleration, the "instantaneous" mpg on the trip
> computer drops to 5... even under light throttle
> input.  That seems very unusual.  Do others with a
> Lehmann chip see this behavior?  What about with
> IA or MTM chips?
> I have a VAG-COM.  The only DTC I see is the engine
> speed fault, which according to 2B is pretty common.
> Initially I did have a Intake Air Temp. fault, which
> I traced to an intermittent connection at the sensor
> and fixed.  That got me back to the expected 18-20psi
> boost, and raised the hwy mileage from 19 back to 23.
> So next step is to go to the basic settings function
> 4, which allows viewing of various parameters.  Two
> of them are out of whack.  The engine speed (channel
> 2) hovers around 60 (600RPM) regardless of the actual
> engine speed.  And the Ox sensor channel 8 varies
> from mid-teens at idle jumping to 70-80 under heavy
> acceleration.  Bentley says it should hover around
> 128.  2B isn't sure whether these are real problems
> or not.  They have offered to look at it, but it is
> inconvenient to bring them the car, and besides, I
> want to figure this stuff out myself.
> So, anyone with a Lehmann chip used a VAG-Com to look
> at these settings?  Does these problems seem like
> something I should pursue, or even send back to 2B?
> I should add that I am very happy with their work and
> they have bent over backwards to accommodate my very
> picky expectations.
> TIA and pleasure to meet you all,
> Matt Rooke
> San Jose CA
> '91cq//20vt
> '00S4//30vtt
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