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Mike Miller mikemilr at
Fri Apr 11 13:20:38 EDT 2003

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From: "ben swann" <benswann at>
 I know with some additional
> weight, wider tires and slightly less aerodynamic flared fenders, the
> car might be getting a litlle worse economy, but 15 around town and 18
> on the highway - sheesh.

I would speculate that something else is wrong. Clogged Cat maybe? I have a
stock non-chipped sedan. When setting cruise on 100 in MT, I still get over
20mpg. Doesnt take any boost to maintain 100 so I would think that the chip
wasn't doing too much differently than a stock chip. I routinely get 24-25
mpg for the 252 mile trip from my place in MT to Post Falls ID and that's
crossing two mountain passes and driving 80 ish most of the way.

mike miller
helmville mt

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