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I think there is something wrong with your car- my car has
255s on it, same chipset, heavier wheels and I still get more
than 15mpg around town and more like 22-24mpg on the highway.


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I recently purchased a Lehman chipped avant and it is exhibiting
similarly abysmal fuel mileage IMO when compared to the QLCC chipped
avant - almost 10 MPG less under similar driving.  I have replaced
thermostat and checked things out, and beleive this car should be
getting much better mileage than it does. I know with some additional
weight, wider tires and slightly less aerodynamic flared fenders, the
car might be getting a litlle worse economy, but 15 around town and 18
on the highway - sheesh.

I will be swapping out my Lehman chips for Mihnea's set in a few weeks.
I hope to be seeing significant improvement, but we'll find out. I'll be
sure to post results one way or another.

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