Door speaker help?

CL Wong montesawong at
Sat Apr 12 13:42:47 EDT 2003

Door speakers are also coming into my attention again.

Not sure if mounting speakers directly to the inside
door panel is a good thing and not sure how much space
is available behind the sheet metal barrier that the
Bose pod mounts to.

Last year I managed to fit a pair of 5.25" coaxial
speakers in the bose door pods.  I used some kind of
clay rope type of insulation material to seal around
the speakers and to close up the Bose pod port.

Don't remember what I was thinking but had installed a
bass and treble blocker to attempt to pass only the
mid frequencies and took the old 4" speakers and stuck
them in the dash.  System sounded ok with an 8" sub in
the trunk but I recently ripped out the amp and sub to
make space for the mechanic to put in my new fuel pump

Been running the past few days with just the door and
dash and can't help thinking the sound is just plain
awful.  Not sure how I could have even liked it at all
just 2 weeks ago but driving around in the wife's
minivan with newly installed amp + component speakers
+ my old 8" sub helped my opinion considerably.

Here's an interesting find.  Subwoofers called
"quatro" from a manufacturer named Dayton:

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