Glowing red Turbo

Chewy4000 at Chewy4000 at
Sun Apr 13 00:16:26 EDT 2003

I checked all my hoses today, and found nothing wrong.
I was able to turn the prop on the cold side of the turbo with no problem and no play, so that was good.
Started it up with soft revs to keep it on since it stalls if you dont. In about a minute or two the turbo gets very hot and i guess the little oil around it smokes. The exaust seems to flow ok.
Rev it up some and notice some things, popping like an antilag system, like if I had an open bv.
Is it possible I jumped a tooth on the timing belt, causing some gas to drop in the manifold or turbo raw and burning it in there?

Sun. I'll be looking into my cooler, compression test and timming.

Any advice would be helpfull

Newark NJ, carless

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