Road Grooves Kill ME!

Neil Vonhof nhvonhof at
Sun Apr 13 16:26:33 EDT 2003

I have found that tires make a big difference. What do you have on?
Neil Vonhof

adelphia wrote:

>I have an issue the I can't figure out, nor can a few mechanics who have
>looked at my car. Grooves in the road throw the cars all over. I just
>replaced the struts with BOGE turbo gas units, that did not help. There does
>not sem to be excessive play in the ball joints. Can the rubber parts of the
>front sway bars  make this  happen? They are definately worn don. What
>should I replace to tighten the front end up. It is all original except for
>the struts, and it has 110,000 mile on it.
>Colorado Springs
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