Road Grooves Kill ME!

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Well, here goes, back to some older posts on the list maybe (ie the
My experience:  stiff sidewall low profile tires don't help if the alignment
is not what it should be.
Two 200's in our driveway have sport suspensions (shocks and springs) and
the "Igor" mod to the strut spring plate to recover the camber adjustment to
spec range.  (You don't mention springs.)  One car also has the slot
extensions in the camber adjust plate. My son is running 17" wheels, and I
am still running stock wheels/tires.

Both cars were aligned by a specialty frame and alignment shop in Seattle.
(no connection, etc. Contact offline me for info.)  Byron there declined to
set the camber to my requested spec, for instance.  He asked how the car was
used, highway/city, sport/aggressive/moderate/sedate driver, how many
passengers (typically), etc.  Two hours later, the car was done, and drove
like he said it would.  Road Grooves (tramlining) on my car is no worse than
any other car I drive.  Just did a roundtrip Seattle to Portland OR today,
cruised 70-85 most of the way, relaxed hands on the wheel, and no tramlining
on I-5.
My sons car (17" wheels) would tramline with the best of them, inside of
front tires worn significantly due to camber out of spec (not adjustment
left in the camber plate).  Did the Igor mod and the alignment, now drives
much better in the road grooves.
My previous 200 (resting in pieces) did not have the Igor strut mod, one
side could not be adjusted to spec, with 225/50R16-SP8000's (and previous
SO2's were worse, stiffer sidewall?), would tramline badly, changing lanes
then was a "start it, then catch it in the next lane" adventure.  This car
was totaled before I was able to fix it.

My point here is: go to a top specialty "frame and alignment" shop to align
your car, not the typical tire store/franchise shop.  No bushing replacement
was needed @ 120k, tires are wearing evenly all four, and am @147K now.
    Check around the yellow pages and local listers recommendations.  Ask
for recommendations from local enthusiasts, or service dept guys, like who
does the tough, problem vehicles.  Byron's shop, for instance, does high end
European, Asian, domestics, custom/specialty cars and trucks and motorhomes.

I don't have our alignment specs handy just now, but can forward to anyone
interested.  The thing unique about the numbers, is they are not the same
side to side, front and rear.  Same thing on both cars.  BTW, one thing he
says about Audi suspensions is they aren't the most stable with all the
bushings up front, but says this is a trade-off  for ride vs. handling...
My 2 cents....
Gary Anderson in Sammamish

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> Hello
> I have an issue the I can't figure out, nor can a few mechanics who have
> looked at my car. Grooves in the road throw the cars all over. I just
> replaced the struts with BOGE turbo gas units, that did not help. There
> not sem to be excessive play in the ball joints. Can the rubber parts of
> front sway bars  make this  happen? They are definately worn don. What
> should I replace to tighten the front end up. It is all original except
> the struts, and it has 110,000 mile on it.
> Thanks
> Grant
> Colorado Springs
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