Road Grooves Kill ME!

Gary Anderson wanemardo at
Mon Apr 14 21:42:55 EDT 2003

I can agree the "Igor Mod" is more expensive than a slotted top camber
adjustment plate, but you see, in both cases we already had the struts out
of the cars, and disassembled anyway.  Sorta sounds like 'sweat equity', and
our choice(s).  Something everyone has the opportunity to make, choices,
based on their knowledge and capabilities.
In the case my son put both into his car was his choice, you see, we had an
extra set to choose from, he chose the slotted ones, we still have the extra
set, nothing more or less sinister than that.

As for the alignment shop I use, don't critize who you don't know.  If you
are ever in Seattle, I'd be happy to give you his address and phone number,
make an appointment and compare "techniques" if you would like.  As I said,
this was my experience, and I am very satisfied for my uses.
Again, my two cents.  Gary A...

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> The "Igor mod" is no better and much more expensive in achieving maximum
> positive camber adjsutment than is a slotted top camber adjustment plate,
> inasmuch as both are only able to move the upper strut in the + direction
> until the upper spring perch hits the inner tower surface, the limit to
> top camber adjustment.
> Don't quote the greatness of a specific alignment wrench unless you know
> a fact what the before and after absolute alignment values are.  DIY to
> for sure!
> Bernie

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