Causes for overheat indicator? Preferred 02?

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Tue Apr 15 07:26:12 EDT 2003

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From: "Mike Del Tergo" <mdeltergo at>

  Yesterday I got the "low coolant/overheat"
> indicator symbol on the dash readout.  The water temp guage said below
> the oil temp was below 2nd has mark, and the rad fan had not cycled and
> overflow tank is not particularly pressurized.  The coolant level sensor
> checks out fine, so I am thinking Multi Function Temp Sender or regular
> sensor in back of head.>

When I was getting an overtemp alarm within less than a minute of starting
the car in the Montana winter, I replaced the MFTS and it got rid of the
alarm. It was not limiting boost, which suprised me.

mike miller
helmville mt

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