Causes for overheat indicator?

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Tue Apr 15 11:40:06 EDT 2003

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You may have a point here, Mike.

The 3 pin units may have an infant mortality problem.  I'm sure that my 3
pin units were all used, picked up during AW tours.  (Don't spoil an old car
with new parts!).


From: "Mike Sylvester" <mike.sylvester at>

Interesting enough with the 15 or so Audis that I've owned in the last 13+
years, I really have not had to replace many MFTS.  Most of the time
replacing it with a used part I had kicking around and certainly not enough
to correlate the failure rate with the 3 vs. 4 pin.  I don't think any one
of us from the list, short of someone that is working at an Audi repair
shop, will have a sample size large enough to determine the reliability
difference.  Collectively the sample size is OK, but I believe the data
would be suspect.  Most people don't log their repairs well enough for a
'scientific study.


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