Front suspension needed!

Wed Apr 16 07:38:49 EDT 2003

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91 200 vs 5ktq:  Different ball joint, different brake carrier, different
hub, different wheel bearing, different upper camber bushing, different upper
camber plate, different control arm, different ABS sensor.  The top nut for
the strut is the same... :)

5ktq parts were not used in the factory ufo conversions.  I've seen them (er,
"custom") fitted on occasion, but requires more work for a subpar kit than
it's worth IMO.  The 92 S4 is a drop in, btdt.


Scott Justusson
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The difference is that the "factory" kit (dealer conversion) used '92 S4
with G60 brakes.  While the 5000tq/200q10v struts may use G60 brakes as well,
the track is about 10mm narrower than the original or dealer converted 91
or '92 S4, the brake rotor uses a shallower hat, and the ball joints are

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