Measuring block 000 in 3B engine in the '91 200 20V

Steve Eiche seiche at
Wed Apr 16 11:28:52 EDT 2003

I assume you have a basically stock injection other than the code? No
air leaks in the system?  Have you done a pressure test?

It appears that the base settings in the code are a little too lean.
This isn't too surprising.  Are you setting codes, or having any
driveability or starting issues?  If not, I wouldn't worry about it too
much.  The "recommended" ranges do not always match on "chipped" cars,
especially if your car wasn't dyno tuned with the software.  Ideally, I
think you would want slightly larger injectors, but that may require
another code change.

Shade Tree Software, LLC

It was me that started this.. trying to debug a rich
condition using Vag-Com.  The table below is straight
from the Bentley, page D2-440.  The pages following
that suggest repair actions and refer to other
appropriate sections of the Bentley.

I did play with this some more last night.  You can
access the block 0 data using either function 8
(Measuring Blocks) or function 4 (Basic Settings).
The Vag-com screen is the same in both cases.  Just
enter "000" for the group number.  Vag-scope is
fully operational from either location, however it
is not terribly interesting as the good stuff like
boost and torque are not available.  The logging
function is grayed out however, the Vag-Com
documentation states the function is not available
for groups returning 10 channels of data.
Group 0 seems to be the only one supported by the 3B.

My initial confusion was created by the "single
reading" function 9.  It returns different data as
you scroll the "channel" number from 1-10.  Almost
looks like the group 0 data, enough to fool me
for a while, but it isn't.  No idea what the numbers
are.  They do change as you blip the throttle or

BTW I still see channel 9 at 160 or so.  Investigation
continues, any suggestions welcome.  I'd still like
to see a dump from someone else with a Lehman chip.

Matt Rooke

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