more 200q20v Block reading values 000

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Wed Apr 16 14:50:34 EDT 2003

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Excellent work Steve:
I just ran the blocks 000 with Vag-Com and recorded the values during driving.
My out of range values point to leaking air and possible dirty MAF.
-Scott in BOSTON......they are a match to the D-2 440-1 table in the Bentley.

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> Subject: Measuring block 000 in 3B engine in the '91 200 20V
> Someone asked for measuring block value for the 3B a day or so ago.
> FWIW, our ProDiag system has the labels for block 000 on the 3B.  These
> are the same for the AAN/ABY/ADU engines as well I believe. Here is the

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