Measuring block 000 in 3B engine in the '91 200 20V

Matt twentyV matt_20v at
Wed Apr 16 13:50:35 EDT 2003

--- Steve Eiche <seiche at> wrote:
> Matt,
> I assume you have a basically stock injection other
> than the code? No
> air leaks in the system?  Have you done a pressure
> test?
> It appears that the base settings in the code are a
> little too lean.
> This isn't too surprising.  Are you setting codes,
> or having any
> driveability or starting issues?  If not, I wouldn't
> worry about it too
> much.  The "recommended" ranges do not always match
> on "chipped" cars,
> especially if your car wasn't dyno tuned with the
> software.  Ideally, I
> think you would want slightly larger injectors, but
> that may require
> another code change.

Yes the injection is stock.. everything is except
for the chip (Lehman) and an RS2 intercooler.  Oh,
the BPV is a brand new Bailey valve.  I have not yet
pressurized the intake to look for air leaks,
that is next once I get some garage time.  All of
the hoses for the ISV, turbo, BPV etc. are new, but
I suppose there could be a leak somewhere.  I'm used
to locating vacuum leaks on NA engines using propane,
but I understand pressurizing is a better process?

There are no driveability problems, in fact it runs
just great.  Gas mileage is very poor though, and
there is a lot of soot on the exhaust tip.

Thanks for confirming my suspicion that the
aftermarket chip may be deliberately tuned to run
rich.  If the pressure testing comes up empty, I
may try to find/ borrow a stock ECU for comparison.

BTW, looked at your web page for the palm-based scan
tool.  This would be much easier to use than a
laptop, too bad I didn't know about this one when I
bought the VAG-COM.  Nice job.

Matt Rooke

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