Measuring block 000 in 3B engine in the '91 200 20V

Steve Eiche seiche at
Wed Apr 16 16:18:59 EDT 2003

Brett Dikeman wrote:
> How old is the O2 sensor?  These are an every-50k-miles on the 20vt
> engines- Bentley specifically says so in the troubleshooting section. As
> they get coated with soot and stuff, their response time goes up, for
> one...

I would say the O2 sensor is Step 1.

>> BTW, looked at your web page for the palm-based scan
>> tool.  This would be much easier to use than a
>> laptop, too bad I didn't know about this one when I
>> bought the VAG-COM.  Nice job.
> If it's capable of logging the 10 channels of data, or a selective set
> of the 10 channels, I would be sold.
> By the way- a number of the values will be out-of-range unless you're
> testing under the specific conditions listed in the Bentley.  Idle time,
> engine temperature, etc...
> Brett

OF COURSE it will log Measuring Block 0 with all ten channels.  It all
gets saved in a nice semicolon delineated text file for your perusal or
spreadsheet manipulation.  Sooo, are you sold? Where do we ship it? We
do accept all major credits cards and PayPal. :)

'82 ur q 20Vt (3B)

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