Pentosin Flush?

ben swann benswann at
Wed Apr 16 23:32:22 EDT 2003


We got some nasty stuff out on the rack change job.  This is a case
where I can see how letting this stuff get that bad may indeed result
in premature failure, even though the rack we replaced was bad the day
it was installed about a year ago.


1) Disconnect return line from the reserviour and cap the fitting.

2) remove fluid from the reserviour - we ran the engine 'til the
resrviour was near bottom and refilled.  Kept doing this until clear.
If air gets in, not a big problem, as you will be getting it right back
out again (step 3), but try not to let it get to bottom before turning
engine off.

3) after you hook back up again, there may still be nasty stuff
imbedded deep in the rack.  We got that out during bleeding - holding
the reserviour as high above the pump as possible and gently turn the
wheel back and forth.  At some point in the game, have assistant turn
steering slowly lock to lock.  This resulted in removal of air and at
one point a lot of nasty stuff returned to the reserviour which we
poured out and replaced with new fluid.

Having the 5 gallons of Mobil DTE-13M allowed us to purge all of the
nastiness from the system, using about 1 gallon.  We now have 5 gallons
of the stuff left, but it was still economical.  We were able to get
the Mobil stuff on short order from the nearest distributer in Fort
Lauderdale - under $45 incl. tax.


[>Just clean the filter screen in the reservoir and refill/top off.
DFI if> >IAB!

[I probably should have added a few more details.  I peeked into the
resevoir to check level and the stuff was a swirling brown color!  Not
confidence inspiring especially since I have a receipt from 8/02 (from
P.O. )that was to replace all hydraulic hoses and the bomb.  Upon
closer inspection, I was looking to see how much Pentosin was used and
it said Brake Fluid P/S $30.00.  I want to flush the system now!

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