Causes for overheat indicator? Preferred 02?

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Fri Apr 18 13:39:07 EDT 2003

Thanks for all the help.  Most of you hit it on the head with the MFTS!
As I get better at reading the Bentley Schematics this makes tons of sense
as the current ties into the same line as the low coolant level switch
causing the same idiot light.
Phil Rose told me if you dig deep enough you can still find the 4 pin, vs
the 3 pin replacement which he prefers for longevity.  I already had a 3
point on the way so in it went.  What a PITA compared the the same R&R on a
5000!  Everything is in the way (almost as much fun as the Tstat and rad
temp sender).  Not wanting to go into the cooling system every few months, I
swapped the Tstat, the Rad tem sensor, the after run pump temp sensor.  I
have not yet found the appropriate temp sensor that plugs into the back of
the head on the pass side.  I believe this one feeds the ECU.  Any PNs or
Rod at TPC still has the generic Bosch 02 for $30.  It really kills me to
look at previous records for my car to see $180 for this part plus 1/2 hour
install.  I can see the right plug and play part argument, but what, that
should take 5 minutes?  Charge me an hour labor to splice the generic,
double the retail of the Bosch 13913, and I still come out ahead.  I also
see the shop was getting the owner every 15K miles for all 3 accessory belts
and every 30K or so for plugs.  No wonder Audi has a high maintenance

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