Causes for overheat indicator? Preferred 02?

Fri Apr 18 10:10:59 EDT 2003

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I won't comment on *your* choice of generic O2's bob.  I will comment on the
rest of it wrt preventive maintenance.  180 is the list price for the proper
131019 bosch O2 sensor with proper connector.  3 problems with generics:
First, they aren't legal in some states, Second, I'm not sure I'd want some
lacky splicing an O2 into my harness.  If it fails, who gets the whack?
Third, audi STB don't allow/approve of generic replacements.  For the DIYer,

WRT belts, I have several customers that routinely have me change all belts
at 15k service intervals.  Those that do, never (in my shop anyway) have that
situation where the car is on a trip with no A/C or no power brakes, or dead
alt (all potential divorce/couch actions in my house).  Those that don't do
the 15k interval (especially alt belt - I recommend it on all turbo I5 cars)
can find themselves thinking that SI would have been cheap in comparison.

Plugs?  30k out of anything less than a F5 plug is a must IMO.  Even an F5
plug is a 30k interval at my shop.  If the car is tweeked, I recommend more
than that, you can blow out the spark on a weak plug...  Do that at high
boost, life can get ugly.  I had one tweeked S car that swapped F5 plugs
every 3 months.  Why?  Well you spend 15-20large on a hiperf motor, plugs are
cheap.  I argue, you spend 4k for a 20vt motor and the swap fee, 30k seems
quite reasonable for a plug swap, in fact, I recommend that as max on the

Just putting in perspective from da shop.

Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning

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Rod at TPC still has the generic Bosch 02 for $30.  It really kills me to
look at previous records for my car to see $180 for this part plus 1/2 hour
install.  I can see the right plug and play part argument, but what, that
should take 5 minutes?  Charge me an hour labor to splice the generic,
double the retail of the Bosch 13913, and I still come out ahead.  I also
see the shop was getting the owner every 15K miles for all 3 accessory belts
and every 30K or so for plugs.  No wonder Audi has a high maintenance

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