Causes for overheat indicator? Preferred 02?

Steven Hauptmann hauptmanns at MAIL.LLR.STATE.SC.US
Fri Apr 18 12:11:01 EDT 2003


15K on belts?

I figured I was being very conservative changing them every 30k. Although
FME I think belts can typically go longer than 30k before failure, I don't
feel comfy waiting 60k to conveniently do them with the timing belt. So I
just split the difference and go ~30k so at least with every other drive
belt change they are off to do the t-belt anyway.

30k on F5 plugs?

The F5 plugs I changed a couple of months ago had been installed for about
75k miles. I was surprised to see that they looked great and was a bit
disappointed that I detected zero performance/mileage increase nor did I
find any change in drivability from their replacement.

I agree with your potential divorce/couch actions as our 20v200q is my
wife's daily driver, so I want to be sure it's as well kept as I can.

But, do you find that failure of the belts and plugs after 15k and 30k
respectively is the rule? Or is it just that your recommendations are very
conservative by design so there is a much smaller chance that your customers
will be stranded by these items?

Steve Hauptmann
91 200q, 158k w/PO installed MTM chip (though its likely rarely needed by my
feather footed wife)

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