Causes for overheat indicator? Preferred 02?

Sat Apr 19 09:45:46 EDT 2003

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Customer goes to couch, my phone smokes.  Customer goes for a tow, my phone
smokes.  I run a shop that works on high end buyers of audi quattro marque.
Unlike most of these lists, they usually aren't concerned with spending
100bux on a full belt swap on a 15k service.  The nicest thing about a 15k
service, is that the tow won't be belt related.  EVEN if, for instance, the
front of the motor is covered with oil (sound familiar?), it will make it
back to my shop with a wet belt intact.

WRT plugs, they CAN last over 100k, btst.  I personally look at that F5 and
think that it should last 50k IMO.  Would I guarantee that to a customer?
Nope, cuz I've seen the F5 fail at less than 20k on some of my more radically
tweeked motors.  But I can say with a very high confidence level (what my
customers pay me for) that 30k out of the F5 is a nobrainer.  After 50k, I'm
on the customers' back, that 20vt isn't a cheap motor.  At 100k, borrowing
time comes to mind.  I'm also a 60k.00 mile on the timing belt too (or 3



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But, do you find that failure of the belts and plugs after 15k and 30k
respectively is the rule? Or is it just that your recommendations are very
conservative by design so there is a much smaller chance that your customers
will be stranded by these items?

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