Serious Charging System Problem

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Cool.   Thanks guys for all of the input.  I will take it out this week and do
a thorough inspection and likely rebuild.  I was just suprised to see it break
by me just resituating some wires...but it's an Audi, of course it broke by
doing that:)

Have a good one.

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You need to pull your alternator out to do some tests. First, you're going
to want to take a look at the brushes on your regulator. Sometimes you can
replace the regulator and be fine. Other times, the windings will short, as
pointed out by another lister. I've seen it quite a few times. Our Audis,
with all the electrical gadgetry, are actually quite hard on alternators.
Look in your Bentley, where it describes a couple of tests you can do with an
ohm meter on the armature. The armature is where your brushes make contact
when installed. Look down in the opening and you'll see the 2 round copper
contact points. Do the continuity tests described, and you'll know where you
stand. If your brushes are good (on the regulator), chances are you will
find an open of short through the armature.
PS: If you don't have the Bentley, email back and I can send you the

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