Timing belt success

Richard Tanimura Richard at Tanimuras.com
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I have a 3B motor. Same as yours. I am about to do my belts but don't have
the Bentley and have no tools so I have to make them.

Can you ennumerate the seals and gaskets that need to be changed. The belts
are pretty obvious. Did you change the coolant pump?

Any gottchas?



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Just wanted to post that I successfully did a timing belt job on my S4
this weekend. With the rental of ALL the tools from Chris (highly
recommended) at www.force5auto.com  in NH and the use of Bob "the tool
man" Rossatos's 3/4 drive torque wrench, and the online doci, all went
very smoothly. Only little thing that had me scratching my head a bit
was when I removed the crank pulley and a washer fell out. Upon
inspection, I was sure it went on the backside of the pulley. DO NOT
check the Bentley. It shows that it goes under the bolt head.  Crank
seal came right out with the seal puller. Didn't appear to be glued in,
but I would still be nervous attempting it without the correct tool.
I'm a happy camper!!

94 UrS4
91 200 TQA

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