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Wed Apr 23 20:35:33 EDT 2003

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Thanks for the welcome. I've been on the q-list off and on for about 5 years.
The 200q20v is a much more technically daunting car than my 87.5 cpe GT, and
the list archives were invaluable during my search for a 200q20v.

Also, lister Scott Suffolk has graciously offered to ship me a water-damaged
owner's manual for free. My car was without one.  Now to track down a used
Bentley's manual.
>Glad to hear about a new owner. Welcome.
>Based on my own limited experience (starting at about 115K miles),
>the breakup is "normal", although the pieces of the catalyst do not
>necessarily migrate back to the resonator--they may just stay in
>place and just rattle a lot.

OK, this is reassuring. I have dealt with rattling cats before in my Audis,
but never had pieces migrate down the exhaust system. Made me think twice.

>BTW, your IA III+ chip ought to give you much more than 1.8 bar absolute--are
>you using a real (analog) boost gauge, or the on-board digital display (which
is >innaccurate and uncalibrated for the chip).

Yes, I'm using only the digital display to monitor boost.


1987.5 Coupe GT, 200q20v, 2001 Passat "Wagon"

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