Torture - Banjo Bolt on Rack

Rakesh Brennig rakeshbrennig at
Wed Apr 23 20:27:35 EDT 2003

Hello List, I am about to give up hope in changing the high pressure pump to
rack hose. Mine had begun to leak abouta cup of Pentosin a day. I followed
the pictoral description by Phil Rose on Chris Miller's site too no avail -
I cannot get the banjo bolt at the rack loose.  I removed the oil resevoir
to the side and even got a bend in the metal brake line but I could not get
a socket on to the bolt.  The fuel lines really crowd the space near the

I tried a 19mm wrench w/ a breaker pipe but it slipped free and damaged a
corner of the bolt. I called my mechanic and he said that uses a long
extension and a hinged 19mm socket and comes at the bolt from the passanger
side behind the engine.  I tried this method; I can slide the
socket+extension past the steering damper to the bold.  Sometimes I get the
the socket to sit on the bolt but because of the slight angles in the
connection, whenever I apply torque, the socket slips off.

Any btdt would be very welcome.

Rakesh Brennig
200q20v, 95k

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