Dash Lites oddities, was Brought the car home - was: super cheap Avant on eBay (Long)

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Hi Kneale,

I had the exact same problem in mine.  Hit the dash and it'd work fine
untill I hit a bump in the road.  Nearly drove me crazy.  It's the
instrument cluster.  Some of the soldered connections on the circuit board
will eventually come loose causing the odd lighting.  You can either replace
the circuit board (expensive) or you can try repairing it.  There are
instructions for repairing it at:


Good luck!

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> At 03:48 PM 04/23/2003 -0500, Eric_R_Kissell at whirlpool.com wrote:
> >The strangest thing I found is that when I turn on the headlights both
> >turn signal indicators on the dash illuminate continuously and the high
> >beam indicator lights up with the low beams and goes away for the high
> >beams.  Only when the headlights are turned on.  I suspect the combo
> >switch might be crossing some circuits. Or, is it the instrument cluster?
> >Can anyone help me solve this?  The controls actually work fine as far as
> >making turn signals and lights work as intended, but the dash lights are
> >affected incorrectly.
> >
> >The speedometer started fluctuating several times and returned to normal
> >when I hit the dash above the instrument cluster.  I need to search the
> >archives on that one.
> See  http://www.lanikamal.com/audi/dashboard.html
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