Brought the car home - was: super cheap Avant on eBay (Long)

Huw Powell audi at
Thu Apr 24 03:45:54 EDT 2003

Sounds like a great score, Eric...

> Both front interior door handles have lost the ability to open the door

What used Audi ever has fully functioning door handles anyway?

> The "ABS Off" light is on.  I suspect a bad wheel sensor or two.  Maybe
> the teeth on a driveshaft are dirty.  Will that cause a continuous "ABS
> Off" light?  If not, what is most likely?  I did test the ABS with several
> hard stops and confirmed that it is off.

Check the relay in the auxiliary panel by your knee.  I bet someone
pulled the fuse (10A), because the ABS was screwing up.  That is the
only way I know of to make the light come on and stay on all the time.

To make it go off, you remove the light as well...

Huw Powell

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