Grinding noise when turning left

ben swann benswann at
Thu Apr 24 11:43:58 EDT 2003

Interesting.  I've had a similar noise that I've noticed since I got
my '91 200 20V tq avant in January.  The car makes grinding airplane
(sometimes helicoptor like) noise especially when turning/loaded to the
left, a tad on the straights and noise dissapears turning right.  I
have assumed that is is a wheel bearing, and am prepping for major

If someone finds there is some different quirk happening with these
cars, I'd appreciate knowing.  I have never had a wheel bearing go at
the early age of 107K miles.  Of course everything looks fine with no
CV boot damage, and of course you can't tell a wheel bearing is bad by
looking at it - 'cept maybe after removal.


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Subject: Re: Grinding noise when turning left
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I've noticed the same in my car for some time as well, and the source
has baffled me.  It sounds a lot like a CV, but the boot is fine.  And,
it does only happen at or very near full lock...going left.

I can definetely tell it's from the front left wheel, but not sure
what's causing it.  Somebody had suggested maybe a bad ball joint,
allowing excess movement, but I imagine if that was the case I'd hear
going both directions, and I'd have some tracking issues...not the case.

I too am confused on this one.

Derek P]

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