Serious Charging System Problem

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Thu Apr 24 17:14:05 EDT 2003

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Hey guys...

Thanks for the input on the alternator.  I installed a new voltgage
regulator/brush assembly yesterday and all is well.  The irritating idle
flicker is gone and it is charging steadily.  The old assembly I pulled out
was totally rusted over on the contacts.  The brushes were also worn down to
around 4mm (5mm being replacement time)  The one internal contact that the
voltage regulator makes to complete the circtuit had no metal contact or flex.
I am thinking this was the problem because I may have bumped it when I was
cleaning the contacts this past weekend and interrupted its connection.

I just love when a $20 part keeps this Audi running.


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I just recently experienced a sudden, catostrophic drop in my charging
voltage; removed alternator expecting/hoping for simply failed brushes &
regulator module but it turned out to be a completely deteriorated &
delaminated stator assembly - precisely as Kneale suggested. Local
starter/alternator rebuilder reman'ed w/ new brushes/regulator, bearings, &
stator for ~$110 vs. lowest quoted non-Bosch rebuilt of ~$170. Been working
great ever since...
Chris Hemberger
w/ 87k mi Avant in CT...

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