Bearing noise Clicking sound at wheel lock

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Thu Apr 24 13:31:17 EDT 2003

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Not a helicopter noise, but the groning sound of a "bearing" was the start of
my drive to get the part far far away.......but I stopped at home to check
the wheel bolt torques and 2 of 5 were loose on the drivers front.
Tightened and cured the sound.
Maybe this helps?
-Scott in BOSTON

> Interesting.  I've had a similar noise that I've noticed since I got
> my '91 200 20V tq avant in January.  The car makes grinding airplane
> (sometimes helicoptor like) noise especially when turning/loaded to the
> left, a tad on the straights and noise dissapears turning right.  I
> have assumed that is is a wheel bearing, and am prepping for major

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