Grinding noise when turning left

Shayne thequattroking at
Thu Apr 24 15:06:36 EDT 2003

I also had a similar problem.  But, my fix was different.  The slides on the
caliper carrier were worn out.  And, when turned, gravity was substantial
enough to cause the outer pad to "flop" over and rub on the rotor.  A new
carrier fixed that.  They can be had aftermarket for about $75.  May or may
not be it, but another thing to try.

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> Had a similar problem and it went away when we discovered that the big
> circular nut that holds the front shocks in the strut housing was loose.
> Took a big pair of channel locks and tighten both nuts up. No longer
> have strange noises coming from left front end. Easy and cheap to try.
> Ted
> Derek Pulvino wrote:
>> Pat,
>> I've noticed the same in my car for some time as well, and the source has
>> baffled me.  It sounds a lot like a CV, but the boot is fine.  And, it
>> does
>> only happen at or very near full lock...going left.
>> I can definetely tell it's from the front left wheel, but not sure what's
>> causing it.  Somebody had suggested maybe a bad ball joint, allowing
>> excess
>> movement, but I imagine if that was the case I'd hear going both
>> directions,
>> and I'd have some tracking issues...not the case.
>> I too am confused on this one.
>> Derek P

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>> I have developed a grinding noise when turning left. It is not very
>> loud (a=
>> t least not yet) and I only heard it when I had the window down the
>> other d=
>> ay. It really doesn't seem to be load dependent. I did some swerving
>> down t=
>> he street and the loading/unloading really didn't get the noise to pop
>> up. =
>> It really seems to be dependent on the angle of the wheels. When only
>> turni=
>> ng the wheels a little bit, no noise. But if I make a tight turn I can
>> hear=
>> the grinding noise. If the grinding were constant regardless of turn
>> angle=
>> I would suspect a wheel bearing. But I am thinking more along the
>> lines of=
>> a CV joint or something in the steering rack. Anybody had this
>> symptom? An=
>> y ideas?
>> Patrick

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