O2 sensor

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Thu Apr 24 16:13:57 EDT 2003

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Hey guys-
I think this was touched on recently, but i want to clarify anyway.  I rece=
ntly bought a 3-wire Bosch O2 from Rod at TPC for $99, then saw the GPR ad =
in ec listing 3-wires O2's for $49.  I called and asked the guy if it was t=
he appropriate sensor for the 200 20V, also asking if it plugged right into=
 the harness with the connector.  He said yes they're all the same.  I bit.=
  It arrived and it only has a short ~5 inch lead with crimp connectors and=
 heat shrink tubing.  The one i got from Rod has a _much_ longer lead and c=
ame with a factory connector for the harness, just plug it in.  Are these b=
oth OK to use?  I'm a little annoyed at the guy at GPR....



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