Any advice on safety of pluged tires

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Fri Apr 25 10:18:21 EDT 2003

The Proper way to repair a tire is pull it off the rim and put a patch
on the inside. I was told the because the way radials move( flex)  vs
the old bias ply tires, that the plug was not the safe way to repair the
newer tires. Plugging is only for the very short term.
91 200tq slowly getting sorted out

Joshua C wrote:

> Last night I noticed that one of my AVS db's with about 10k on them was
> getting flat, upon closer inspection I found 2 nails in it.  both are
> fairly
> small nails and punctured the tread surface (as opposed to sidewall).  I
> have put plugs in a tire before but it was only a short time before I
> replaced due to wear.. Anyone have any advice on longer term
> plugging?  Is
> it safe, what does it do to the tires rating?
> thanks in advance-Josh
> Joshua Cummings
> 1991 200 avant
> 1973 Alfa Romeo GTV
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