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I have had the same problem from time to time with CVs. The trick is to not=
 try and insert all (most) of the balls at once, and the angle of the beari=
ng cage going into the outer joint will be somewhat opposite of the "knuckl=
e" that goes over the axle - all this while maintaining the balls between t=
he knuckle and the cage.

In other words, you can't assemble the knuckle, balls, and cage completely,=
 then try to angle it into the CV joint - hence the reason to leave out 2 o=
f the balls first. Get the partial assembly into the joint, then "spread" t=
he knuckle and cage to get the remaining balls in place.

Sometimes when I have this problem, I'll take it apart again, get a cup of =
coffee - take a break - then try it again - usually goes in lickety-split.

I normally don't lube mine until the cage is in the joint and before insert=
ing the axle - makes it easier to "play" with the required angles to get th=
e cage in


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Hey all,

I wondering if anybody can help me out with this.  This is a post I recently
put on VW vortex and haven't recieved any responses to.  So sorry about the
lack of Audi content, but maybe we could consider a universal issue?


I just dug into the old "needs lots of love" 16v to change the outer torn
boot. Drove me crazy for about an hour, until I gave up. I've done several
of these in the past w/out issue, but this one's different! It's drivin me
friggin batty!

I got it apart ok, and cleaned about 12 kilos (got to stay metric) of Moly
grease out, but on reassembly it's killing me! I can't get more than two of
the ball bearings in w/out it ceasing. In the past I've just put the things
together, lubed em, and called it good. I've tried reassembly with the
center splined piece oriented both ways, and no difference. Hell, I've even
tried lubing the thing before putting together. Regardless, it's just
locking up.

Although I didn't note any scoring on the interior of the joint, I'm
thinking this thing might be a bit worn, and that's what's causing the
problem. As a point of reference, I tried going through the range of motion
on the inboard (still assembeld) CV and noticed it was kind of notchy.

So what's the c.v (conventional wisdom in this case) of the btdt crowd at
this point. CV's worn is the problem, or to be expected, there just a pia to
work with?

"Enquiring minds want to know. Like me!"

Thanks for any input anyone may have.

Derek P

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