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3 wire universal vs 3 wire specific application.  Both sensors are the same,
one comes ready to install, one requires a bit ocrimping.  Price so


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Hey guys-
I think this was touched on recently, but i want to clarify anyway.  I
recently bought a 3-wire Bosch O2 from Rod at TPC for $99, then saw the GPR
ad in ec listing 3-wires O2's for $49.  I called and asked the guy if it was
the appropriate sensor for the 200 20V, also asking if it plugged right into
the harness with the connector.  He said yes they're all the same.  I bit.
It arrived and it only has a short ~5 inch lead with crimp connectors and
heat shrink tubing.  The one i got from Rod has a _much_ longer lead and came
with a factory connector for the harness, just plug it in.  Are these both OK
to use?  I'm a little annoyed at the guy at GPR....


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