Droopy clutch pedal 2

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 26 13:36:03 EDT 2003

patient my 200 20V avant.  While I have not yet replaced my clutch, it is
going in this week, I have accepted that it is the cause of my heavy clutch.
  I am not so sure that it explains the droop in the pedal.  Since I bought
the car in Jan, the clutch pedal rarely returns to the fully upright
position where it meets the pedal stop and cruise control switch.  It would
about 50% of the time.  Now it finds its uppermost return about 3/4 inch
below the stop. The pedal does come off the floor on its own between shifts
fine though.  The car has a new clutch slave, verified as I did it, bled by
me and a pro wrench.  A new Clutch master, not verified by records, but it
looks new and doesn't leak.  NOw the wierd part.  Over night the clutch
pedal will sink toward the floor on its own.  To me this still says clutch
M/C?  It is a closed system, I think, soooo the only way for the pedal to
fall is if the fluid gets past the M/C seals?? Any ideas?

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