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Sat Apr 26 19:47:59 EDT 2003

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NTB National Tire & Battery will dismount wheel and put a circular "patch" on
the inside of the tire like a patch to an inner tube you use in a pool.
That's if your nail isn't close to the side wall. There's one in Danvers MA
and all over the USA. HTH -Scott in BOSTON.

Last night I noticed that one of my AVS db's with about 10k on them was
getting flat, upon closer inspection I found 2 nails in it.  both are fairly
small nails and punctured the tread surface (as opposed to sidewall).  I
have put plugs in a tire before but it was only a short time before I
replaced due to wear.. Anyone have any advice on longer term plugging?  Is
it safe, what does it do to the tires rating?
thanks in advance-Josh

Joshua Cummings
1991 200 avant
1973 Alfa Romeo GTV
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